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Hi, This is Jonathan Green, WTMJ afternoon goof, retired. I assume that you found me here because of our connection through WTMJ. This website is here so we can continue to connect.

Why Goofy? I called this “Goofy Green” because I wanted a memorable name in the sea of forgettable website names. It describes me well too.

Minding My Own Business I have business reasons for this site.
• I operate what I call an Advertising Consultancy, JONATHAN GREEN LLC. I created JG LLC so I could continue to represent many of my WTMJ sponsors whose products and services I endorsed during The Green House on WTMJ. Find them here on JG’s Sponsors page.
• I also still perform auctions and MC duties, but I have refocused for seasonal reasons. I am concentrating now on charity golf outings. When I worked afternoons at WTMJ I didn’t play golf. Working PMs and golfing don’t compliment each other. Organizers of outings need an MC/Auctioneer earlier on weekdays than I could accommodate them. Now I have taken up the sport and I am available. Find out about my auctioneer services at ShowBIDness Auctions (www.ShowBIDness.com).

Hanging with Fellow Geezers I can’t tell you how many of you have said, “so how’s retirement?” My answer is “It’s Great!” Friends & fans alike know of my passion for riding my Harley. In Wisconsin that’s a 6-month pastime. So in 2011 we bought another home where winter riding is possible in Tucson, AZ. It is there that I also discovered golf and senior softball (I hadn’t played since I was 29) in a retirement community where we are surrounded by friends. Locating among other retired people is the best retirement decision I have made so far!

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