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About JG

Jonathan Green was "THE" afternoon drive-time host on WTMJ Radio for most of his adult life. A native of the Cleveland, Ohio area, he attended Cornell University and Ohio State before entering the US Army in the mid-60's...serving stints in Turkey and as the morning drive-time host on The American Forces Network, Europe from Frankfurt, Germany.

More recently, Jonathan became a Colonel! Not in the Army...Colonel is a title afforded to qualified auctioneers. Jonathan is a trained and licensed auctioneer and founder of Wisconsin's only beneficial auction service: Show-BID-ness Auctions.

Position: Host of "The Green House" radio show, 3-6PM on Newradio 620 WTMJ, Milwaukee, WI (RET) Residence: Somewhere out in the Boonies past Holy Hill
Personal File: Married, 3 Adult (sort of) sons and 2 granddaughters WTMJ Radio: 1969- 2010

Young and Green
At 19 years old, Jonathan began his professional radio broadcasting career reading the English language announcements on "The Polish Hour" at WERE Radio in Cleveland. Later, he worked at WLEC in Sandusky, Ohio, and in 1965 became the overnight announcer in Columbus at WTVN Radio.

Staff Sergeant Green
In 1966, Jonathan joined the Army, produced a post newspaper at a base near Ankara, Turkey for a year, and then returned to the airwaves for the American Forces Network (AFN) in Europe, Stationed in Frankfurt, West Germany. In 1969, after reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant E-6 and receiving the Army commendation medal, Jonathan moved to Milwaukee and began his career at WTMJ Radio as an announcer.

Lost Green
In 1981, he left for a year to experience the sunny climate at WDAE in Tampa, Florida. He returned to Milwaukee a year later and put in a two-year stint at WZUU-FM. In 1983, Jonathan rejoined the staff at his alma mater, WTMJ-AM, where he hosted "The Green House" weekday afternoons from 3-6 p.m. He describes himself as a "disc jockey on talk radio".

Found Green
Jonathan was personally involved in the creation and development of two of WTMJ's most successful communiy projects. The Teddy Bear Patrol and Kids2KIds Christmas.

Ski and Cycle Bum Green
Jonathan is passionate about all aspects of his life. He has been an avid skier (since the early 70's) and Harley Davidson Motorcycle enthusiast (since 1988). He's skied at most major resorts in the Rockies and Lake Tahoe area, as well as Austria and France. He puts about 15,000 miles per year on his Harleys having ridden to both US coasts, Canada, Hawaii and New Zealand, and emceeing Harley Davidson's 95th Birthday Party in 1998 with Jay Leno.

Colonel Green
Jonathan's latest passion, an extension of his radio voice talent, is auctioneering and operating his company, Show-BID-ness Auctions which specializes in "entertainment-styled auctioneering". He's a graduate of the World Wide College of Auctioneering.

No Moss on this Green
A world traveler and Wisconsin cartography maven, Jonathan is a common man's news junky who can relate to, visualize and identify with the stories presented on "The Green House".

Write Green
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